Good vs. Evil is a Nasty Business... and it's Always Personal.

In Nomine is about the War. There have been human conflicts in the past few millenia, but there has also been one long War between Heaven and Hell. In Nomine allows you to play the part of a participant in this War. Pick your side, pick your tactics, and be ready to play hardball for the ultimate stakes -- the soul.

Yours included.

Currently lodged on this site are the following things I've written while having fun with this gaming system:

  • Sun-Cross, a work in progress which throws two young Superiors into the struggle between Fate and Destiny which is central to the game. Terye has been almost null for a long while, but I©öll see what I can do about getting at least a basic writeup on the site.
  • A license from the Principality of Technology -- not necessarily the one you'll get, but close to standard issue. Remember, always read the fine print when you accept a shiny new toy from Hell.
  • Space and Time in the Marches and the Celestial Realm are generally left to the GM to rule on, and they are indeed quite flexible. This is one take on how a GM might define time and distance in realms of the mind and spirit.
  • Also, some maps of Heaven, just sketched by hand based on description from a few of the world books.
  • See/Saw, a lighthearted mixed group of angels and demons for a low-contrast campaign.
  • Rules for an In Nomine CCG, still (and probably permanently) in very rough draft form.
  • Logs from my Philly game.
  • Logs from my Civis game.
  • Some props for the Philly game: A Role analyzer's output, and the flyer for a frat party.
  • A conversion of the recently-released Ethereal Player's Guide into GURPS form was previously hosted here but now has a permanent home on the SJGames site.
  • Alchemy resources for players who want to try an alchemist character, or maybe just sneak in some alchemist friends. Lots and lots of crunchy bits.
  • The Laws of Heaven, as drawn from various resources and extrapolated from the worldbooks. A guideline for Dominicans and a setting resource for everyone.
  • A collection of pieces I posted to the IN mailing list in March 2008 exploring In Nomine in China.
  • A family tree for the Archangels and Demon Princes, with suggestions to fill in some of the blanks on who made who.
  • Bedad, Skulker Prince of Privacy: a new Prince for low-contrast gaming.

    If you're interested in learning more about the terms or the gaming system described herein, I recommend GURPS: In Nomine for players familiar with the GURPS system (and the GURPS system in general for those new to gaming); there is also a self-contained In Nomine book series which doesn't require GURPS.