This page is intended to be a source for In Nomine alchemy in addition to the versions found in various books for the series. Both standard In Nomine and GURPS: In Nomine resources are presented.

This page includes:

  • Rules for Alchemy, including a GURPS elucidation based on the In Nomine to GURPS Sorcery conversion of Archangel Beth, a discussion of the costs of alchemical items, and possibilities for preserving alchemical items.
  • The Society of Sublime Chemistry, an alchemists' organization suitable as a source of goods, patronage, or adventures.
  • The Formularie of the Society of Sublime Chemistry. A massive list of alchemical recipes known to the Society.
  • Tech Levels as an optional rule for Alchemy.
  • An index listing the recipes above sorted by name, base ability, Tech Level, and kind of recipe.

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