1. ISSUING AUTHORITY. This License(herein referred to as "the License," "the Contract," "the Agreement," or "this Document") is issued by the authority of the Prince Vapula(who may also be referred to herein as "the Genius Prince," "the Prince of Technology," "the Lord of Tartarus," "He Who Is Like Unto God," "the Most Noble Prince," or "our Master"), to the Recipient(who may also be referred to as "the User," "the Licensee," "the Test Subject," or "the Deceased") under the laws of the Principality of Tartarus and the Code of Hell as specified in Section 3, Subsection 4, Book 5, Chapter 2, Rule I, Line 12, Clause c, as such laws and Code stood at the time of issuance given by the signature below, barring ex post facto declarations to be made at any time in the future by beings authorized to make such declarations.

2. REVOCATION. Prince Vapula, or the Most Noble Prince's designated proxies, may revoke this License at any time. Awareness of revocation is solely the responsibility of the Recipient. Revocation of this License requires that the User return the Device immediately to the nearest Tether of Technology or Tartarus Supply Center staff, or authorized proxy thereof. Failure to comply constitutes tacit acceptance of any activities of a Djinn repossession squad with respect to the Device and the person of the User.

3. OWNERSHIP. This License does not grant ownership of the Artifact, Relic, Reliquary, Talisman, or Device identified by the product number at the top of this page(herein referred to as "the Device"), nor of any products of the Device, all of which remain solely under control of the Genius Prince, along with all associated rights, including but not limited to the rights to retrieve, reassign, modify, or destroy the Device or any of its products at any time without prior notice to the Recipient. The Genius Prince retains ownership of any products inspired by the design of this device made by the User in the future. After sight of any produced by the Principality of Tartarus, all future works produced by the User are assumed to be inspired by the designs of He Who Is Like Unto God.

4. AUTHORITY OF USE. This License grants the Recipient authority to use the Device.

5. ESSENCE. This License grants the Recipient use of any Essence captured, generated, or modified by the Device.

6. DERIVATIVE RIGHTS. This License grants the Recipient the authority to use any products of the Device.

7. TESTIMONY. Signing this License grants the User the right not to have it truthfully said that the User used the device without signing this license.

8. REPOSSESSION OR OTHER ACTIVITIES. So long as the User remains in possession of the Device, the Principality of Tartarus, speaking for the Most Noble Prince, will graciously remind Game or Technology repossession, hit, tracking, or execution squads of the User's right not to have Calabim as members of said squad. This right is revocable immediately upon the User's dispossession of the Device.

9. GUARANTY. The Device is guaranteed to be fit for any purpose the Device's design team had in mind. Therefore any failure of the Device to perform these functions is solely the responsibility and fault of the User.

10. MAINTENANCE. The User accepts the responsibility to properly maintain the Device. Failure to properly maintain the Device leading to loss, damage, or breakage of the Device shall be construed as loss, damage, or breakage of the personal property of Prince Vapula and shall be dealt with via all remedies seen fit by said Prince.

11. COPYING. Copying the Device without receipt of prior approval from the Genius Prince or a designated proxy shall be considered a crime of Theft from the person of the Genius Prince, and shall be dealt with expediently.

12. MODIFICATION. Modifying this Device nullifies all Guaranties and Rights granted in this Contract, while retaining in full force all Responsibilities of the User and all Rights reserved by the Genius Prince or designated proxies.

13. FEATURES. The User accepts responsibility to report hidden, synergistic, surprise, or creative features of the Device that occur in normal or abnormal operation of the Device, to the appropriate Journal or Journals of Research in Tartarus. If said feature causes the corporeal death of the User, sufficient time will be graciously granted the Deceased to recover from Trauma or Limbo before a report is required. If said feature causes amnesia via the stripping of all Ethereal or Celestial Forces, the Recipient hereby in advance grants to the Princiality of Tartarus, and to The Genius Prince, authority to retrieve the Recipient's body, Remnant, or associated material and perform any operations necessary to discover the cause of death or amnesia. If said feature was expected to appear in a choreographed official Test, the Test Subject, by signing below, grants authority to the Principality of Tartarus to publish any recorded results, reserving the right to be credited, posthumously if necessary.

14. LIBEL. Description of any hidden, synergistic, surprise, or creative features of the Device as "bugs" or "flaws," or any synonym thereof, constitutes acceptance of the activities of a Game or Technology hit squad with regards to the person of the User.

15. DIVINE AND/OR ABSOLUTE MONARCHIC RIGHT. The Most Noble Prince, or any designated proxy, reserves the right to modify this Agreement in whole or in part, with such modifications taking force ex post facto or immediately. Knowledge of such modifications to this Agreement is solely the responsibility of the Licensee.

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