Formularie of thee Societee of Subleymme Cemistrie

Listed below are the recipes known to the Society of Sublime Chemistry. The first section lists Song recipes. This list is not exhaustive of Songs, even in the Liber Canticorum; some recipes are unknown to the Society(such as most secret Songs), some have not yet been completely researched, and some the Society bans(an example of which is Corporeal Draining). Almost all are Corporeal.

The second section lists Attunement recipes. In order for an Attunement to be made into an alchemical recipe, there must be an alchemist with the given attunement. Thus, there are many fewer of these. The exceptions are Attunements of Eli, Jean, and, oddly, Laurence, who will evaluate an alchemist-Soldier's work fairly when an Attunement is requested. Choir Attunements, however, are vanishingly rare in the Society, though alchemical recipes are known to exist among Servitors of each Archangel.

The third section lists skill recipes: alchemy's single-use version of Talismans. Skills are much more readily available to alchemists, and alchemical talismans are as useful, if not more so, than Attunement or Song recipes. After all, a recipe for one of those powers offers little more than the power itself, used "raw"; an alchemist can increase his own skill using one of his own talismans. This list is by no means exhaustive, even of skills in standard In Nomine (and GURPS has many more). Modern skills and new enhancements to older skills would doubtless make a continually-replenishing area of research.

Alchemical items are traditionally made out of Songs, skills, and attunements. The Corporeal Player's Guide, however, has hints of a curious collection of items which are based off of... something else. The fourth section lists these odd recipes, along with another possibility: GURPS GMs may find it interesting to allow alchemists to know recipes to grant Advantages other than Attunements. Recipes for Disadvantages could give someone phobias or addictions (or Mute). Some advantages may be impossible to give, such as Ally or Wealth; even Code of Honor and Sense of Duty would be rather dark if a recipe was *forcing* them onto the recipient. If In Nomine GMs allow these recipes in their game, it is recommended to let creation take 7 days, or the GURPS times listed, and require no additional roll or Essence unless specified; however, the player should reasonably justify having access to the ability personally.

A note on the forms of alchemical items: while many are available as potions, In Nomine alchemy takes on much broader forms. Recipes are often worked into forms more suited to their effects.

One uncommon form of alchemical item is the pastille. A pastille is a small, concentrated bit of formula in a vial. They are typically burned to produce their effects in smoke, which can be choking or as subtle as incense. In modern times, alchemists produce pastille casings with incendiary caps on the end, lighted with a firm slap and giving the user a moment to get out of the way or throw it before the wax seals break and spray the smoke all about for several yards.

Song Recipes

Magnetic Filings: two vials of ferrous powder containing Corporeal Attraction, marked N and S, or Corporeal Revulsion, marked with N and N or S and S. Sprinkle the N and S powders on objects to attract, or the two of the same label to repel(both vials must come from the same creation work); the dustlike powder itself is almost unnoticeable.

Love Charm: containing Ethereal Attraction, as seen in the CPG. The Society flatly forbids the making of these items, and the rarity of human alchemists with Ethereal Connections keeps enforcement easy. If the Society learns of their use elsewhere, they usually attempt to track down the alchemist and deal with them.

Tranq Gas: a pastille containing Corporeal Charm or Harmony, or Ethereal Sleep (with slightly varying effects). In the modern day, actual gas is available, so this is rarely made or used except academically; on the other hand, alchemists who have a lot of Essence to spend to boost the Check Digit can make a pastille capable of immobilizing a Word-Bound Demon, so they do occasionally see use.

Backup: sometimes worked into a pager these days, this contains the Song of Calling. Alchemists usually make them for themselves(humans make corporeal ones, celestial use the version for whichever realm they spend the most time in) and give them away. If your GM allows perservation routines, these are almost always tucked away as aces in the hole for extended periods of time.

Smoke Bomb: pastille containing Corp. Darkness. Rarely made in modern days, as actual smoke bombs are available and almost as effective.

Marker Dyes: small pellets fired from an air gun or even thrown. The dye vanishes, but the effects remain as long as the base power. It is included here because the Green Dye uses Corporeal Direction; the Red Dye uses Michael's Blood Oath, which few alchemists have, the Black Dye uses David's Inevitability, and the Blue Dye uses Laurence's Hunt.

Dream Mirrors: these mirrors, containing the songs of Dreams, are known to the Society in both their Corporeal and Ethereal versions, courtesy of Dream Soldiers.

Empathy Potion: a very old recipe, this vial of fluid is drunk and grants the Song of Corporeal Empathy. It is typically used when one wishes to be very subtle about approaching a Symphonically Aware being that would note the Disturbance of the Song.

Hourglass: containing a use of Corporeal Entropy, this formula is well known to the Society due to researches in extending the lifespan of alchemical creations, but its actual creation is restricted by longstanding decree of each Chair. Unauthorized use to reset the age of any person is punishable by expulsion from the Society. (See also Universal Solvent, under Special Recipes.)

Essence Pill: one of the triumphs of the Society, this recipe -- an actual pill -- improves (from a certain point of view) on its base Song, Corporeal Essence. Though a version which allows the actual use of the Song is known, more useful is a formula that contains the stored Essence of a use of the Song, which can be used by anyone, not just the maker.

Bottled Fire: Corporeal Fire, of course. Often taught to new members as an example of the Society's techniques, anyone who actually proposes using one is usually met by the younger members of the Society with a smirk and a grenade. In fairness, Bottled Fire is subtler, and doesn't get detected by explosives sniffers. (Rumors suggest that recipes for Ethereal and Celestial versions are held by the Ignes, a society of Sorcerors whose central ideas revolve around fire in its various forms and who are known to use alchemy.)

Universal Glue Grenades: these vials of fluid use the Corporeal Song of Forbidding and spray the target and its immediate area with a gummy substance. The target is forbidden from leaving the area marked by the fluid. A much more straightforward recipe employs the Corporeal Song of Unity, but only applies to, say, clothing -- shoes and the floor are favorite targets. A third contains the Song of Corporeal Seals, though this is more often made as a small clamp.

Masks: using the Songs of Form, all three versions are available(the Corporeal most often), as the angels of Creation who are often in contact with the Society are more likely to know these. They are actual masks: any kind of hard full-face mask for the Corporeal version, a black cloth mask for the Ethereal, and a mask worked with human features for the Celestial. The mask itself melds into the user's body and disappears from sight when used.

Healing Potion: possibly the oldest recipe known to the Society, this potion uses Corporeal Healing to straightforwardly heal damage when drunk. It also comes in ointment form. If a campus of the Society is expecting combat, other campuses will often make several of these and ship them to their colleagues. Ethereal Healing is also known, in potion form. (The Healing Potion is one of the alchemical recipes mentioned in the CPG.)

LOX Bombs: For some reason, these recipes for Corporeal Ice amuse several members of the Society, who are constantly finding creative uses for them. Many a bedraggled attendee of a conference has attempted to obtain a cup of coffee only to find the entire machine, coffee included, frozen in a solid chunk. What the kids do with them in fights is best left to the imagination.

Phosphor Sticks: the alchemical recipe for Corporeal Light is not used much in modern days in favor of, frankly, flashlights. On the other hand, the Ethereal and Celestial versions, in traditional potion form (Glamour Potion) and wand form (Shining Rod) respectively, are useful enough that several angels know the recipes. Stories are still told of the mission against a particularly nasty demonic Tether that had personally wronged a campus of the Society, wherein several senior professors called in every favor they could pull to stock up on bullets containing Celestial Light, and various methods of tying demons to the Corporeal long enough to subject them to entire tommy-gun drums. It took months to prepare, true. But not a demon on the staff made it back to Hell.

Oilcan: containing the Corporeal Song of Machines, this recipe often sees use when the Society is working with Servitors or Soldiers of Creation or Lightning that are employing technological tactics. Otherwise, it is mostly an academic interest, and is the current fad for study among Society members who care about such things.

Brass Knuckles: containing the Corporeal Song of Might, this aggressive recipe is mistrusted by some Society Members and embraced by others.

Fake Plastic Halos: containing Corporeal Nimbus, the creation and use of these is restricted by the Society. Typically, only those members who are actually Soldiers of Heaven will see their use in any authorized setting. The auras themselves are studied academically on occasion.

Numinous Corpus: One of the most commonly studied Songs, the Society has numerous versions and variants available for this Song. On a campus with several alchemists available, there is usually someone who will know a few recipes, and large campuses will have many options available. The interaction between a Song and physical anatomy fascinates a certain flavor of alchemist. Usually made as ointments, the Society commonly knows Arms, Eyes, Fins, Legs, Plates, Wings, and several variants of each of these, as well as numerous Ornamentals. (Various Ornamentals with the same effect as many of those Andrealphus hands out were, the alchemists swear, discovered by experimentation.)

Lockpicks: containing Corporeal Opening, these are good for making an entrance into an area quietly, both physically and metaphysically, as the Disturbance is reduced.

Teleconference: this recipe is actually a small mosaic of stones that hangs in the offices of campus Secretaries, awaiting a use of Corporeal Projection. It is typically used to communicate between campuses securely during emergencies when normal lines of communication are down. A less-common version, only usable by Chairs and their selected subordinates (they don't work for celestials), employs the Corporeal Song of Spirit Speech. (These are really only useful if the relicization method of preserving alchemical items works.)

Tether Anchor: No Superior in their right mind, regardless of their opinions of alchemy and barring extreme circumstances, will give up a Tether or willingly relinquish a chance to claim one. Servitors are typically assigned to create these items, containing Corporeal Sanctity, and keep one -- under guard -- at each campus of the Society. Even Khalid finds these objects useful, as they can be used by humans without exposing them directly to the Divine. They take the form of prayer wheels or other items that can be used continuously to anchor the Tether in the Domain of the Servitor who created the Anchor.

Shadow Shawl: a recipe of Corporeal Shadows, activated by wrapping it around the user. Very subtle, as it takes no Essence and creates no Disturbance at its usage point, it is often used for infiltration.

Sonic Bullets: a recent invention of the Society, these bullets containing the Corporeal Song of Shattering infuriate Furfur. Sure, they're destructive, but what's the point if they're not resounding with glorious, raucous noise when they're used?

Forcefield Bubbles: another fairly old recipe, long research has refined the alchemical version of Corporeal Shields into a very quickly-used form. The Song is activated when a small object is broken or torn; clever alchemists will work it into, for example, a piece of clothing or a plastic sheet over an actual shield, to activate the Song when the first attack penetrates other defenses to break the receptacle. (In GURPS, this activates the Song as a Blocking maneuver.)

Loupe: actually made as a monocle or spectacles, this recipe for Corporeal Sight is a favorite of elderly members of the Society, who temporarily can see as well or better than their younger colleagues.

Silence Zone: this pastille containing Corporeal Silence is a tactic that often precedes an alchemically-equipped attack, rendering Songs and some sorcerous rituals (but not alchemical recipes) tougher to use.

Storm Smoke: this recipe, containing Corporeal Storms, is much larger than others, and is used by tossing the mixture into a bonfire to burn. It is another of the oldest recipes the Society knows, but is rarely used these days for several reasons; the Song itself is usually usable to better effect than the recipe; efforts have been made by Heaven and Hell to suppress the knowledge of the Song itself; and freak storms these days get noticed by meteorologists.

Dehydrated Manna: not really. Instead, the recipe simply creates manna on command, as Corporeal Succor is wont to do. Rarely used as a recipe on its own, manna itself is a subject of *deep* fascination to the Society; a surprising number of campuses have someone who knows this recipe and produces it often for study. Mental Balm (Ethereal Succor), an ointment applied to the head, is also surprisingly common as a medical recipe available from Servitors of Dreams and Dream Soldiers.

Stun Grenade: containing the Song of Thunder, this grenade is still taught but is being replaced in the modern day by actual flash-bangs. Alchemists benefit less from masking Disturbance than other participants in the War.

Language Pills: exactly what they are named, these pills (formerly potions) give the ingester the effects of Corporeal Tongues. Jean frowns on their frequent use, but his Mercurians are his typical points of contact with the Society and it is only natural that their native ability would be of interest to its members.

Binding Handcuffs: supposed to be made by Servitors of Dominic, these handcuffs containing Binding are tightly rationed out to Soldiers and humans who might need to help bring in a celestial without killing them. Perhaps not tightly enough -- some campuses seem to have reverse-engineered the Song and its recipe. Judgment may be investigating whether copies of the recipe are floating around; if so, over-curious alchemists could find themselves on the hot seat.

Fertility Treatment: one of the most sought-after potions from alchemists in older days, and one of the least-known, this recipe for the Corporeal Song of Fruition is now known exclusively to (few) campus Secretaries, being used occasionally and with great discretion to aid valuable humans with familial problems.

Feedback Speakers: this complicated recipe for Corporeal Retribution meshes very well with the tactics of the Society, since alchemical preparations are often very quiet and humans make less Disturbance than celestials. Marc has only recently acquired these Songs himself and has only released the formula to select members of the Society. The recipe is not yet in what alchemists would consider a final form; at the moment, it requires, in addition to the usual elements, a successful Electronics roll to create a small, inexpensive speaker attached to a circuit. Further research may eliminate this requirement.

Attunement Recipes

Wallet: from the old word for any cloth container, but sometimes made into an actual wallet these days. A temporary Scabbard -- which can be passed between users! However, a user must know and visualize exactly what weapon he intends to draw. When the recipe expires, the stored weapons pop into existence nearby, which can be quite discomfiting.

Chamois: quickly wiping a blade with this cloth grants the effects of Blade Blessing. The usefulness of not having to spend 3 Essence on the day of battle is obvious.

Dreambook: alchemists working for Blandine know a recipe to work the results of the Dreambook Attunement into a book which they can then provide to someone else. The recipe will activate as soon as it is in physical contact with a dreamer.

Lucidity Potion: this venerable recipe contains the effects of Blandine's Lucidity Attunement. It is convenient to know, since an alchemist can make one for himself, and take it before falling asleep. The effect will last until he wakes.

Armor Egg: this ovoid stone will indicate the amount of Essence used in creating the recipe for David's Armor Attunement by the material of which it appears to be made(any stone will do as the base material, however). Usually the highest amounts are made, well in advance. Interestingly, the egg has a trick pattern to it; the pieces must be unlocked and reshuffled. The armor unfolds and surrounds the user upon solution. This takes time, though someone who already knows the method can do it in a second or two with both hands. On the other hand, it's secure against casual investigation.

Stoning Rod: as described in the CPG.

Marker Dyes: See under Song recipes.

Jars: so often used by the Society that they are virtually considered tools of the trade rather than separate recipes, Eli's Abracadabra and Transubstantiation Attunements are often worked into glass jars of various sizes. Besides their normal effects, so thoroughly are these studied that a successful Alchemy roll (not the one required for the actual recipe) by an alchemist using one of these Jars in the creation of another recipe will allow him to add the CD to the target number of his Alchemy+Enchantment roll. (In GURPS, roll against Alchemy, add degree of success to Alchemy or Enchantment roll.) Failure incures no other ill effect.

Climate Control Jar: This curious recipe is a leftover from the only Society member in modern days to have obtained Gabriel's Dance of the Atoms Attunement. Research seemed to indicate that using the Jar as an alchemical tool allowed very precise control of reactions; recipes constructed using these Jars during their existence could be shortened by a day, to a minimum of half a day. (The Ignes are rumored to have this recipe and possibly others as well, including Smite, True Shape of Flame, and Whispers of Inspiration.)

Extra Pocket: This piece of cloth is the result of a recipe for Janus' Swipe. In many respects, it acts like a Wallet, but it can be used for anything small enough for the cloth to cover completely, and never emits Disturbance when used unless someone sees the object reappear -- no one ever sees the covered object disappear.

Battery: using Jean's Generator attunement, this recipe is often made with controls and circuitry that moderate the current slightly -- the battery can power an electrical device for several rounds before expiring (actually, the battery expires immediately, and the electricity thus generated is stored and rereleased). An Electronics roll is required to construct the circuitry for this additional functionality.

Remote Control: formerly a potion, in the modern day experimenters have worked this recipe for Jean's Remote Control into a CD. Paired with it is a mundane computer program that, when the CD is loaded into a computer and the program executed, searches a vast database for functional interfaces of many kinds of machines. If the search fails, the recipe throws mental control back to the user; if it works, though, the user is presented with an actual control system and, at the GM's discretion, an enhancement to the user's skill in using the device. (Simply breaking the CD deliberately will activate the Attunement in its traditional form.)

Howl Mine: Often worked into fragile floor tiles or other small items to be dropped on the ground, a use of Michael's Howl Attunement is emitted when the item is broken (such as by being stepped on). Besides stunning the unfortunate who triggered the mine, the audible Howl can warn of intruders.

Boilerplate: Some of Marc's Servitors and alchemists know a recipe for working a Divine Contract into a prewritten contract with choice specifics left blank; these can be filled in later as long as all signing parties agree on the choices.

Pollen Bag: this specially-prepared bag is made by someone with Novalis' Crown of Joy Attunement. It contains the pollen of the crown, ready for use at a later date. In this form, the pollen can also be steeped as tea or sprinkled on food.

Synchronous Watch: the only recipe known to the Society from among Yves' Attunements (though oh, do some of them want Akashic Record or Library Card), this curious watch contains a use of Synchronicity. However, it has been known to activate on its own, sending the alchemist somewhere he is needed, at time of... someone else's... choosing. (One of the most tragic chapters in the Society's History involves an activation of this recipe after the creation roll had suffered an Infernal Intervention.)

Skill Items (one-shot Talismans)

Fine Distiller: this piece of alchemical equipment, which activates when used in a recipe, is a one-shot Alchemy talisman.

Maze Stone: this palm-sized, intricately carved stone is an alchemical Enchantment talisman.

If an alchemist has a great deal of time available, he can use Fine Distillers and Maze Stones to boost his own Alchemy+Enchantment roll; besides bettering his chances of successful creations, with high enough skill in standard In Nomine, he can achieve automatic success and have very long-lasting items. (Actual talismans of these skills are highly prized among alchemists, but exceedingly rare.)

Luck Talisman: Dodge skill. As listed in CPG. In GURPS, this may instead be a specialized Parry talisman -- or if the Advantages are allowed as items, an actual Luck talisman.

Bell of Truth: Detect Lies skill. The tiny bell shatters musically when used.

Fuzzy Dice: the same as any Driving talisman, albeit one-shot.

Universal Key: this alchemical Escape talisman will aid any attempt at escape, whether from locks or ropes.

Phrasebook: often enchanted into an actual phrasebook, these Language talismans are supernaturally easy to use... the first time. (And later, you still have the book.)

Tome: Many, many Knowledge skills are worked into books about their subject as alchemical talismans. The enchantment itself is often on an index or table of contents, though the game effect is the same even if the book is not actually referenced. A recipe for a ring or bracelet is just as easy... but the Society considers it vaguely unstylish.

Vorpal Gloves: skin-fitting gloves that boost all manner of Weapon skills, alchemists realize their power is short lived and often recommend that the enhancement be used for an attempt at a fight-ending first strike. (In GURPS, alchemists who have trained specifically at maneuvers such as headshots can make talismans that will grant points in this specific maneuver with a weapon.) The term is loosely applied to Fighting skill recipes as well.

First Aid Kit: this alchemical Medicine talisman, when opened for the first time, often seems to have just the right tool for the job, or an instruction booklet for a panicky mundane.

Hair of the Bloodhound: a swig of this potion boosts one's next Tracking skill roll.

Special Recipes

Universal Solvent: based on Corporeal Entropy, but not quite a regular alchemical recipe. Containers with the Unbreakable feature are required to store it, and these are tracked by the Society. From CPG.

Transubstantiation, or, the Philosopher's Stone. Based on Chemistry skill, but put to different use. See the CPG.

Favor: this small token essentially acts as a self-Geas of the appropriate level. Lilith would ruthlessly hunt down any Alchemist she knew possessed the skill to make this. It is a recent recipe, so the Society may not realize its danger yet....

Shunt: allows one to change the ownership of a Relic or other artifact one owns temporarily. Construction takes days equal to the point value of the relic to be shunted, and the effect lasts for as many minutes.

Dissonance Band: this takes 7 days, 1 Essence, and a Will Roll in addition to the creation roll. It inflicts one of the user's Dissonance Conditions on recipient, who may resist by Will to negate and remove the Band. The victim gets one roll per Essence gained via normal recharge or Rites. Obviously, the recipe is useless to humans(except, perhaps, Lilith). The Society does not strictly know this recipe, but it can obtain them on rare occasion for study or use.

Newton's Prism: allows focused concentration (in GURPS, grants the "Single-Minded" Advantage). Acts a bonus to any skill on which several hours can be spent. Takes 5 days with the GURPS point/day rule.

Wanderer's Thread: this recipe helps the lost recall their way. (In GURPS, it grants the "absolute Direction" Advantage.) Drinking this brew will allow someone to retrace any path he has followed in the last month. Construction in GURPS takes 5 days.

Charismatic Gem: weren't born with it? Buy it. This flashy piece of cut glass will boost a single reaction roll by 1, 2, or 3 depending on whether the original alchemist spent 5, 10, or 15 days making it. Most alchemists don't seem to have the knack, but the rare few who do command enormous sums from people who need good first impressions or have to make an important case.

Will Focus: creatable only by those Alchemists who possess the Strong Will advantage, the delicately filigreed cylinder of this recipe is valuable to Sorcerors who plan to need passing a Will roll soon. Construction takes 8 days per +1 bonus granted, up to the alchemist's levels of Strong Will(in In Nomine, any amount by which Will exceeds Intelligence). However, the Society, if it knows this, keeps it heavily classified: Hell targets alchemists who know it, and the Black Order is desperate to get its hands on the recipe.