Chi: n. 1. (kI) Gk. The 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet. Precursor of the English X, a letter commonly used to stand for the mysterious or unknown. 2. Rom. Cath. The monogram of Christ. 3. (Chinese Chee, Japanese Kee) lit., "breath"; mystically, spirit or soul; Energy, and its flow through the world.

Welcome to the permanent home of TRES Corps' Chi Squadron. If you have any questions on this site, Chi Squadron, or the Jihad in general, email Admiral Keith or Lt. Commander MerkMan.  All ethos/profiles coming soon!

What is Chi Squad?

The Squads of TRES frequently have areas of specialization. All squads can perform any duty TRES requires, to some degree, but choose to strengthen one particular aspect. Chi Squad offers TRES advanced abilities in dealing with Mundania.

As setting, cause, and occasional impediment in the war the Jihad fights, Mundania cannot be ignored. Despite the efforts both sides expend to keep the war secret, Mundania offers resources either side may find useful, and has a mind of its own which can alter events in the war. Chi troops generally have, among other tools, the following resources not common among other TRES personnel:

  • Contacts regularly maintained via frequently scheduled excursions in numerous regions, professions, and strategic positions.
  • Miniaturized equipment disguised as Mundane items, for use in covert operations.
  • More thoroughly-developed and cross-checked cover identities.
  • Some training in social sciences which allows identification of disturbances and B'harnate intrusions.

    Duties of Chi Squad include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruiting, and maintaining contact with, the Liaisons for the Jihad.
  • Countering B'harnate propaganda efforts.
  • Locating, suppressing, and destroying damaging evidence of Jihad activities in Mundania. (Known about the base as the "men in black" missions -- kindly do not capitalize.)
  • Identifying B'harnate resources and action involving Mundania.
  • Proposing and/or carrying out strategies to weaken B'harnate resources or forestall actions in this realm.

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