The standard sort of page chronicling the evolution of the site, and of the Squad to whose coverage it is devoted.

News at Nine:

May 26, 2003:
Finally! Posted and linked every Ethos(why is this real person a member of the Jihad?) and Profile(what is this person's fictional Jihad character like?) that were here.

October 13, 2001:
Registered normalization of status of now-Ensign Cygnata and recruitment of Jeff Hurley.

May 15, 2001:
Site moved to

March 26, 2001:
Site updated to reflect new Squad roster and mission. Congratulations to Lieutenant Commander Cheryl Nakao on her promotion and her receipt of the Silver Pegasus for commendable action. Welcome Recruit Cygnata as our latest addition.

May 31, 2000:
Site updated to reflect current data. Some cosmetic changes made and new information added. Site moved to current permanent home.

December 23, 1999:
Finally added those links.  Not much else to say, except, Happy Holidays!

December 16, 1999:
Well, quite big day in this page, moved the roster and added the news and links pages... if you want a link added to the page, email Lt. Cmdr. MerkMan or Adm. Keith.