(This page is a placeholder with sketchy information to be much fleshed out later.)

Tomos is a Tech Level 3 society with the standard prices for most mundane and magical goods as listed in the Basic Set. Average starting wealth is the usual $1000. Orichalcum weapons, armor, and equipment are available in Tomos at 15 times the usual price rather than 30, since large scale production lowers the cost of the raw material. However, private citizens will still have to request a piece be specially made, since armorers and toolmakers do not stock that rare metal, even in the cities.

Each major international alliance on Terra coins its own money, but since the value of a coin is based on the metal content exchanges are still possible. The Tomosic unit of currency, represented by the $ in prices, is the ori. Tomosic coins appear in fractions of 1/12th and 1/144th the ori, called the dode and cendi. Higher denominations are the 12-ori coin, which slang refers to as the dozen, the 144-ori, and the 1728-ori or "true ori". This last really is minted in orichalcum, and is still a very large coin.

Tomos extracts its governmental income from a flat tax of 8.3% (1/12th) on sale of any goods, without a national income tax. (The tax is easy to calculate; simply charge the price and add the same complement of coins in the next lower denominations.) Levies of 1/144th are made by localities.

GMs who would rather not mess with the multiplications involved can switch to denominations of 10s rather than 12s; the Tomosic numeral system is base-12, so these denominations are clean for them.

Trade between alliances is not enormous but foreign crops and exotic crafts do come in to and leave Tomosic ports. There is a 1/12 levy on imports, and exporters are expected to account fully for charges. Insurance is a new but growing business in Unitum, unknown elsewhere. Settlements on the planes typically send back raw materials and occasional crafted goods, when they are not government-sponsored. They always need food, and magical sources of air and water.