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What's Normal?

If you weren't an adventurer on Terra, what might your life be like? (Description of "a normal life" for various Tomosic statuses and wealth levels, a few from other nations.)


Utterly nonhuman races do not exist on Terra, save for the gods themselves. There are no elves, halflings, or other species. Dwarves exist, and have established a few of their own small settlements, but are only pygmy mutations of humans. (Their dexterity in the enclosed spaces of mines is cheerfully paid for, but hardly supernatural.) Despite this, there exists a wide variety of unusual intelligent beings, some suitable for use by players.

Werespecies, as mentioned under Ecology, do exist, and in some cases are the only living evidence of the outcompeted species that were their template. They are not intrinsically evil, and on Tomos itself the trait is not regarded as anything more than a rare personal ability. They often intermarry and pass their trait down to their children in rituals of adulthood wherein the parent lightly nips the child, being sure to mix saliva and blood. In most families these rituals start at the age of 13 and continue on a monthly basis until the child fails the necessary rolls and becomes a were.

Known species of weres include werewolves (wolves are extinct, except for their domesticated descendents), werebears (bears are entirely extinct), wereboars (the only living porcines are domesticated pig species), and wereleopards (not only are leopards, which were native to islands far from Tomos, extinct, but reports of wereleopards have grown so rare that naturalists begin to wonder if the werespecies too has been hunted to extinction). Some natural historians go to the extreme and suggest that wolves, boars, bears, and leopards are themselves mythological, with werespecies simply twisted versions of dogs, pigs, and cats (bears make them think a bit). Weres themselves tell a different legend: that the gestalt spirits of the species in their death throes petitioned the Gods for preservation, and their wish was half-granted.

Weres can be required to change under either full moon; persons infected by that were keep the same change. Red-moon weres are much more common -- an unfortunate association which aggravates the disposition of the Church of Oneness toward them.

With the rise of Oneness, weres are often choosing to speak less in public about their identities. Even in known families of weres the incidence of children publically claiming that they refused the Change is growing; at the moment, most of these are lies, but they collectively constitute a social pressure to refuse that did not previously exist, which may be leading more children to refuse in truth. On Tomos and in other nations where weres are native, being a were is a Quirk-level Secret if the were chooses not to reveal their identity publically, while in nations where weres are ostracized the Secret is at -5 and in nations where weres are hunted to the death it is at -15.

Elementals are numerous but are not a race per se; if they have any organization it is obscure to human mages, except for those elementals which openly serve the Eight Powers. Even elementals who have demonstrated Magery do not seem to be interested in reproducing via spells to create other elementals.

A recent development on Terra is the appearance of amnesiac elementals who apparently have no duty to any Power, and are capable of relatively rational conversation. Their earliest hazy memories usually involve combat, and the sudden disappearance of all combatants except themselves. Speculation runs rampant that such elementals are being cut off from some part of themselves by the use of Void magic, but there is no real evidence for this. Some such elementals seek out the appropriate God to answer their questions, some take up a quiet existence in the wildnerness, and a few decide to involve themselves with human society, for whatever amusement or edification they might derive from the experience(all lack a need to eat or drink, and many do not need to sleep either). These latter are suitable as PCs. They must start with either the "Small (element) Elemental" template in Fantasy or the "Body of (Element)" meta-trait -- the latter is quite expensive for Earth and Water elementals -- and add Partial or Total Amnesia, as well as whatever additional traits they can afford.

Dead souls never seem to leave their afterlives, unless reincarnation is a fact.

Magically-summoned "demons" on Terra seem to be otherwise normal elementals created by the elemental Devils and openly serving those Powers. The ones summoned by magical critical failures are usually particularly stupid, strong, and aggressive, though the Devils' purpose interesting themselves in magical backfires is a complete mystery.

Native to the plane of Water is an intelligent race of cephalopods. These can travel to Terra, but they require fresh water in which to live. They have made a home in the Azarin League, in a large freshwater sea surrounding the cone of a volcano. Traveling elsewhere, they require substantial magical aid.

Available Equipment

Most items suitable for the Tech Level; more intricate machinery available in the Alliance. Orichalcum arms. Glass Armor. Special equipment for weres and cephalopods of Water. Transportation getups for Air.


Some interesting possibilities for character types.

Famous Personages in Tomos and Terra

The Executor and Caller; some famous Tomosic academics; famous people in the Varen Church and other nations.