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Tomosic Armed Forces

The Tomosic armies are respected across the globe. Armed with mines for vast quantities of the Essential Earth necessary to create orichalcum, the magics necessary to transform the material, and the craftsmanship techniques necessary to work it into weaponry and armor, they have the advantage against all but the finest steel or enchanted weaponry. Werespecies are native to Tomos and make excellent scouts, as well as posing a psychological threat to cultures less used to shapechangers. Should Tomos go to war against even the major powers, the fight would be bloody and the initial advantage, at least, would be on Tomos' side. The Tomosic navies are not as impressive but still formidable. They are surrounded with more sea than any other continent on Terra, and their ships ply the waves over long distances, requiring better design and spurring the development of a naval tradition, unlike other alliances where a primitive vessel stands a good chance of making it from island to island.

The Varen Empire

Varen armies are able to compete with Tomos' might for several reasons. Their recruitment of the female half of their labor force expands their ability to field mages and even fighters -- Varen female crossbow squads are no longer a chauvinist joke to Tomosic veterans. The Varen navies are improving, and the ship of the White Huntress is amassing its own body of legend. Even weres worry about the rumored abilities of the enchanted silver blade Forgiveness in the hands of the Church's highest-ranking paladin.

The Sanguine Alliance

The key strength of the Sanguine Alliance is its planning and coordination. Speed of communication and resupply dovetail with extensive astrological divinations in aiding planning and troop movement. Lacking substantial sources of orichalcum, they rely on good steel and flexibility. The combination can still confound even Tomosic armies when necessary.

The Azarin League

Were the Tomosic supply lines not stretched to their limit when the League was encountered, were the native diseases not virulent enough to decimate attackers, were the Azarin less quick to join forces to fight off the invaders, the Enlightenment Wars might have see the Bronze-age Azarin peoples go the way of the Mikraigai and the islands of the Confederation. They managed it, though, and the introduction of steel is improving their fighting ability despite the lack of a nationwide standing army.