In Nomine, GURPS: In Nomine, GURPS, and all associated significa are copyright Steve Jackson Games. In particular, Yves and Kronos are the creations of SJGames, while the personages of Leila and Terye are my own creation.
Nothing in these pages is meant to imply any professional association with Steve Jackson Games; I am an interested gamer who has written this material independently.
If you're angry about my logo's use of a certain ancient symbol for the cyclical nature of time, I suggest you either get an education or join the ignorant louts who forced the makers of some Pokemon cards to alter their work for a similar reason. Allowing hatred and fear to usurp a respectable and revered symbol only gives those who would have co-opted it one more victory from beyond the grave.
I am a regular reader of the In Nomine mailing list, and may be contacted there or at my personal email address here. Constructive criticism is welcomed, and praise is printed out and pinned up on my wall... maybe. ;^)